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  • Fish ceviche to the alcapulqueña

    Ingredients for two servings 300g of white fish (you can choose hake or any other you like), half an onion, a jalapeño or cuaresmeño pepper, 4 lemons, 1 orange, 1 ripe and firm tomato, half an onion, some coriander leaves, salt and white pepper. How to make fish ceviche to the acapulqueña Cut the fish […]

  • Recipe of salt sea bass

    Ingredients for 3 people 3 loins of sea bass, or a loin and a tail of seabass open in half, 1.5 kg of salt for baking, extra virgin olive oil and aluminum foil How to make salted sea bass We started by cleaning the fish thoroughly and drying it with an absorbent paper to remove […]