Our produce is a sight to behold. It's the first thing you see when you come into one of our store a visual feast of color, variety and sparkling freshness for your pleasure and convenience. Thrifty Specialty Produce sources produce from all over the world using a variety of different vendors. We feature local produce in season. While the definition of local varies by region of the country, it generally means one day’s drive away or less, and it's usually much less. Ask a produce team member where your store’s local produce comes from and when your favorite items will be in season. We know that you like to know where your food comes from, so we display the origin of every piece of produce we sell. To meet customer demand, we do our best to offer the highest quality fruits and vegetables year-round. Our commitment to quality and service is our number one goal day in and day out, we hope to see you soon. #shopsmart #shopfresh