Ingredients for 3 people

3 loins of sea bass, or a loin and a tail of seabass open in half, 1.5 kg of salt for baking, extra virgin olive oil and aluminum foil

How to make salted sea bass

We started by cleaning the fish thoroughly and drying it with an absorbent paper to remove all the sheets and unwanted remains that it could have. When we roast whole fish with this technique, we usually put a bed of salt on the baking tray, putting the fish on it and covering them with a new layer of salt. In that case, the salt is in contact with the skin of the fish both above and below. When they are not whole pieces, but loins or fish fillets, we can not leave the part that does not have skin in contact with salt, so we use aluminum foil. We cover the part that does not have leather with aluminum foil, making a kind of mold. We take the fish for a moment to put some extra virgin olive oil and put each piece back into its piece of aluminum made to measure leaving the part that has skin. In order not to stain the tray, we also put a sheet of aluminum foil on top of it, on top of it, we arrange the fish slices, with the skin facing upwards. sea ​​bass salt steps We cover each of them with special baking salt. Normally it comes a little wet but if that were not the case, we moisten it a little so it can be handled better. We bake at 190º for 30 minutes and remove from the oven. With a blow with the handle of a knife, we break the crust and remove it. With a silicone brush, we will carefully remove the salt from the surface of the fillets and transfer them to the dish where we will serve them. Production time | 40 minutes Difficulty | Very easy Tasting This technique of baking the salt sea bass recipe does not fail and is very comfortable and colorful especially for family gatherings like those that are coming. With a garnish of roasted red pepper salad or some baked potatoes, the result is great. Have you tried roasting fish in fillets with this technique? Do not forget our tricks for cooking sea bass with salt, follow them and it will be perfect for you.


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